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The new FlySky Paladin PL18 EV Flagship Edition is exclusively distributed by thicon e.K.

The 18-channel FlySky Paladin PL18 EV with touch display and 4D joysticks is available from us in the exclusive and unrivaled Flagship Edition - that means the complete package, without mouthing too much! Incl. wireless charging station, aluminum transmitter desk, 12-channel receiver + additional 8-channel receiver in a high-quality aluminum case.

One thing is important for functional models - namely a lot! Full control and with a realistic operating scenario via factory self-centering 4D joysticks CNC-milled from high-quality aluminum, own self-centering encoders for chain drives (ergonomic and of course also made of aluminum), 2- and 3-position toggle switches in industrial quality, pressure switches ( e.g. for hydraulic pump or light) and 3 encoders (next to the encoders on the 4D joysticks). But those are just the physical controls!

The PL18 EV is in top form when the capacitive touch display comes into play. Bring the dealers to life with a simple, gesture-adjustable interface that even allows you to control the content of the main screen. The channels can be assigned to the transmitters just as freely as the 8 trimming slide buttons, rotary transmitters and buttons. And in order to always have a clear view, the channel even gets the name you have chosen, no cryptic "CH3" but "spoon" is on the main screen, under the bar that shows the current position of the channel - full control! Trim, sub-trim, channel offset, curve adjustment and linear mixer are mandatory on the PL18 EV. Track vehicles can be configured via the track mixer, and logic links can be created via logic switches. Simple example: switch 1 on + switch 2 on = channel 3 on. In practice this means, for example: Crane folded up, hook attached? Upper carriage no longer rotatable! supports above? Until then, no one is craning here!

Having only one model is not a condition for us model building enthusiasts! And if you have an excavator and a dump truck, you would prefer to first load it into the trough and then drive the truck away, dump it and then load it again. This is easy to do with the PL18 EV, using the model combination. Change the model live using a 2-position switch, the passive model goes into standby thanks to the programmed failsafe (in the transmitter, mind you, via touch display, without a bent paper clip), and the truck can be controlled with the transmitter configuration assigned to it. Back to the excavator you then steer it again with the usual euro allocation. 20 models can be saved with their own configuration. You see your model collection with new eyes!

With the 2 included receivers (1x 12-channel, 1x 8-channel) you start with two options - either remote control 2 models or one model with up to 18 channels - the receivers are coupled and result in an 18-channel receiver. The large receiver serves as a PWM converter for the small one via i-Bus, i.e. channel expansion. Transmission is via the new bidirectional AFHDS3 radio system in 2.4GHz. Bidirectional means: data transmission in both directions, simultaneously integrated via a single antenna and connection. Receiver voltage, range detection included, external sensor data possible - full control!

By the way - full control on the model construction site also means having the remote control under control, controlling it precisely, even over a long period of time. This is where the enclosed CNC-milled transmitter console with official cross strap comes into play. With the ergonomic hand rests, it allows you to control the sticks and controls precisely and carefully. Start digging like a heart surgeon! And so that you always have full power, you can inductively charge the built-in battery of the PL18 EV. Simply park it on the 5V10W wireless charging station of the Flagship Edition, on which you can of course also charge up your smartphone.

For functional models, one thing is not important - everything else! That's why the PL18 EV left out everything that a functional model maker doesn't need. No flight mixers, no occupancy set in stone. This system is only for trucks, construction machinery, tanks and work boats such as pushers, floating cranes, dredgers, buoy layers!

Scope of delivery: Transmitter Paladin PL18 EV fully assembled, battery permanently integrated Receiver FGr12B Receiver FGr8B Wireless charging charging station including micro USB to USB cable Transmitter desk kit aluminum case Protective film for display Instruction(s) exclusively from us in German (copyright protected!) Receiver Link Cable Voltage sensor cable for both receivers Recessed grips for different transmitter positions

Technical specifications: Type: PL18 EV Designation: Paladin EV Number of channels: 18 Compatible receivers: all receivers with AFHDS3 Approved model type: trucks, construction machinery, ships, functional models in general Frequency: 2.4GHz Transmission power: < 20dbm Radio system: AFHDS3 max. allowed range: < 300m (open area), recommended: line of sight ~50m Channel resolution: 4096 Battery: 1S lithium polymer 3.7V - 4,000nAh (built-in) Charging port: Micro USB / Wireless Charging 10W Charging time: 4h at 5V/2A or 7h at 5V/2A wireless Estimated operating time/full charge: ~5.5h (with standard accessories) Low voltage warning: < 3.65V Antenna: dual antenna Display: HVGA 3.5" TFT capacitive, 480x320 Languages: Chinese, English (German in preparation) Trainer/Simulator Connection: Yes Data interfaces: USB, (USART, loading, update), 3.5mm jack (PPM, trainer) Temperature range (min/max): -10 to +60 degrees Celsius Humidity (min/max): 20% to 95% Online Updates: Yes Color: Black Dimensions (WxLxH): 195.0 x 213.0 x 12.0mm Weight: 1012.0 g Certification: CE, FCC (ID: N4ZFT1800)


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