The company Wesenfeld, Dicke GmbH & Co. was founded in 1893 in Wuppertal and had its business in white metal. In 1996, the areas of white metal and model making were merged into WEDICO.

Here is the original history of Wedico: 

In 1975 intensive market research led to the fascinating idea of ​​truck modeling

and we are now distributing these excellent model trucks worldwide under the registered trademark WEDICO.
Since WEDICO was already used to non-ferrous metals, it made sense to also manufacture the new metal models. The same choice of material was also chosen for the design models produced from 2004 onwards. The materials we use to construct our models are diecast aluminum, aluminum sheets, stainless steel and impact resistant plastic components.
The WEDICO designers have worked tirelessly to develop the WEDICO design system, which will be the foundation of all future new developments, as well as the WEDICO Complete Kit program. All our truck models are in 1:16 scale and our design models are in scale 1: 14.5.
Every modeler has the opportunity to personalize his model. All kits can be built with R / C due to the large range of accessories along with electronic and driving options.
This distinguishes our products from plastic modeling.
All components can be screwed together in our kits instead of sticking together. This method allows parts to be changed or changed and uses new developments without having to buy a new model.
All painted metal parts such as cabins, roof and side spoiler and side rails are powder coated to achieve a professional finish. In addition to our standard colors, we can also offer powder coating in all RAL colors on request.
Readers of "Truckmodell" and "Truck Model Star" have repeatedly awarded our highly detailed models the prestigious "Model of the Year" award.
Under the heading "NEWS" you will be informed comprehensively about new and further developments.
In addition to our fully featured R / C models, we also offer a special service to make static models for those who do not want to install R / C devices.
Our excellent after-sales service combined with the high manufacturing quality of our kits is supported by our fully illustrated, easy-to-understand assembly instructions.
You can find our models at well-known dealers.
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